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OITF - tables and plates

自從看完裸食(推薦好書, 有空就想拿起來複習), 對於書中提到的Outstanding in the Field心生嚮往
藍藍的天空, 寬闊的野外, 身旁坐著心愛的人, 和一排長長的桌子, 美好的時光何處找?
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The choices of mochi ice cream are very limited here in the States, especially since most of the time (say four out of five) they taste like chlorine. This also narrows down the options of flavor. Mochi ice cream from my childhood was always black sesame flavor. I just love anything with black sesame. However, it’s still not a very popular ingredient in US. So when I saw this IMOCHI black sesame mochi ice cream in Mitsuwa, no matter how cheesy the name is, we just had to give it a try.
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哈哈其實我們是四月中時去的, 最近一直拖拖拖, 一堆照片積在記憶卡裡…

長這麼閃亮這麼美國的店, 一看就知道不是在紐約
之前賴在Philly時試過在reading market及south street的起司牛排堡沒有覺得特別美味,
尤其south street那家是碎肉版, 實在很不值得排那個隊
(不過那條街上有攤賣薯條的有賣地瓜條, 還蠻可以撫慰人心的)
這次在當地人帶路之下, 來到在義大利市場的老店 – Geno’s Cheesesteak
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