Housewarming Party

February 12th, 2008

We hold a housewarming party (finally!!!) last Saturday. The main purpose was actually not to show the apartment to our friends but to drink lots of booze. Of course I made couple finger foods for ppl to go with the alcohol. Yawen also brought some super delicious macaroon. It was fun.

food food food

hp f2

Svetlana found this rubber exerciser I got from Taiwan. The next thing I knew was people started to try it out…
hp 1

Evan + Yawen + birds, birds, birds, ……, and birds
hp 2

Me + Caroline + Adam + the baby
hp 3

Me + Brianna
hp 4

Dany + Mike
Mike + Dany

The Finemans + the Brothers
hp 5

Me + Yawen
hp 6

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