Mike’s parents live in Riverdale, the South-West part of Bronx. Mike’s mom is a fantastic cook; sometimes we’ll go there for an amazing feast. On the day before Thanksgiving, they told us to go there with an empty stomach because they got an 18 pound turkey. OMG, 18 pounds! That’s about 8kg. According to the rule, it’s gonna take 9 hrs to roast that big bird. WOW!!!

On the Thanksgiving Day, I was very happy that Chloe came to her senses and decided not to go to parade, so we slept until noon-ish. After a light lunch, we got word from Riverdale that the bird was ready. What! It was only at 3pm, which meant that they started roasting the turkey at 6am!!!

So let’s cut to the chase. Ladies and gents, our Thanksgiving dinner!

turkey 1
Nice dinner setting. I love my mother-in-law’s appetizers, salads, soup and etc. She made this super tasty seafood salad with shrimp, crab, avocado, grapefruit and mayo. Yum! The calf liver mousse was kinda sweet, very tasty. The elephant ears was puff pastry with chopped sun dried tomato. It’s very different but nice.

turkey 2
The gigantic turkey! The color was beautiful. Mike’s dad “dissected” the turkey and made a beautiful presentation. By the way, in the picture, it was just the half turkey. :P

turkey 3
Mike’s mom made the French apple pie and I made the raspberry napoleon – tasty desserts. Although at that time we were all really full, we still managed to finish the most of the dessert.

Well, I totally think I have a much rounder face after the meal…

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