POCKY-like sweets

October 5th, 2007

Mike has a thing about POCKY, or in general, any kind of Japanese interesting sweets. Frankly speaking, Japanese are really good at making tasty and beautiful candies. Just look at the package, I could totally feel and imagine how wonderful the product would be. Thanks to Yu-Ting, my younger sister who lives in Japan, she ships us goodies sometimes. Recently, we got a big package that was full of different kinds of POCKY and matcha product. Yum…

A thought here, by any chance, is there a Jap sweets museum or POCKY/Fran museum?

We decide to have a page dedicated to POCKY. Just like the sushi page, it will keep growing. Let’s have some sweets!

Note: I don’t read Japanese. I labeled the flavor by the look of the package and the taste. The star represent my likeness to the product.

1. Matcha Marble – I like matcha product in general. A little bit too sweet.
2. Coffee Marble – A hint of coffee flavor. Like it.
pocky 1

3. Very unsure about the flavor, very complicated. I don’t really like this one.
4. Roasted Chocolate flavor – smells really good. Not too sweet.
pocky 2

5. Rum + Vanilla flavor – two-layered stick, it’s all right. The flavor of rum is stronger than vanilla.
6. Maple – slightly sweeter than others but tasty. smells really good.
pocky 3

7. Black Tea with Milk flavor – Flavor for grown-ups, I love it!
8. Strawberry flavor – You can smell the strong strawberry flavor when you open the bag. I normally don’t like strawberry product, but I like this one.
pocky 4

9. Chocolate Milk Flavor – It said it’s Jersey Milk Flavor, but it tastes more like chocolate milk. Smooth but just okay.
10. Mont Blanc Flavor – That’s my wild guess. Well, whatever, it tastes really good.
pocky 5

11. Chocolate – yeah, there’s only crushed nuts and chocolate, no stick. Taste fine.
12. Coffee flavor – also two-layered, don’t exactly know what’s the second layer for but the coffee flavor is strong. Nice.
pocky 6

13. Milk Chocolate flavor – I really like this kind of reverse stick. Genius idea!
14. Not the POCKY-like sweets, tastes just fine. I can live without it.
pocky 7

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